Diving Weights For Sale; Five types.

Updated 19-3-2011

Bare lead Blocks Plastic Coated Trim weights

Contact: Dave Cordes.

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Uncoated lead blocks
Plastic coated block
BCD trim weights

Given their mass and resultant carriage costs, it would be better if these were collected in person (if a good number were being bought, I could deliver within SE northumberland). Or, being only 3miles from the A1, they could be collected on a trip to dive the Northumberland coast; I could rendezvous at say Morpeth or Stannington (literally metres from the A1). Options would need to be discussed.

Lead block weights for 2inch/50mm webbing.

These were cast many years ago when everyone seemed to lose weights from their belts (and even whole belts) so I'd always have plenty of spares. Ironically, I never ever lost a single one and as a result most of these have never been used except when loaned out to buddies. Most cosmetic damage is a result of lying in a pile in a corner of the garage.

There are three sizes and I'm selling them at approximately £2.60 per Kg.;

Long & thin, 2.8Kg, 6 available - £7.30
Short & thick, 3.2Kg, 4 available - £8.30
Long & thick, 4.1Kg, 6 available - £10.60

All have a curved profile to minimise edge projections, narrow webbing slots that forces the webbing to follow a more serpentine path to increase friction and a hole into which a countersunk brass woodscrew (12/14G) can be fitted after fitting brass eyelet rivets in the webbing at the desired points (ensuring any stretch has been taken up in the material). This technique served me well for more than 15 years.
Why'd I cast such chunky weights? Simply because most people I knew who lost weights from belts had been "piggy-backing" small 2, 3 & 4lb blocks; in addition to the weights being unstable (despite retainers) they always seemed overly bulky and often had to lie under the cylinder at the back. Bigger commercially made plastic-coated weights were notorious for slippage so I decided that casting these would allow permutations up to 16Kg in only four weights which sat on the hips well away from the cylinder and the buckle.

2.8Kg, £7.30 each 3.2Kg, £8.30 each 4.1Kg, £10.60/ each
2.8Kg 3.2Kg 4.1Kg

12lb (5.4Kg) Plastic-Coated Weight.

The only commercial weight I own; the plastic-coating on this beast is, like all well used ones of this type, cracked in a few places, what more can be said?
Because these are less popular nowadays and the slight damage, it's for sale at little more than the scrap value of the lead - £18.00

Buddy Commando Trim Weights.

BCDWt These were made when I used a shot weight belt that didn't have the capacity for my weight needs.

They fit into the hand-holds in the blow-molded backpack in the area of one's kidneys. They're held clamped together with a 6mm stainless screw and molded-in nut.
They have a smooth profile on both the suit and the BCD sides.
The weights of the half sections are 0.7Kg & 0.5Kg and provide a total of 2.4Kg (1.2Kg per side) or could be split and with the addition of a suitable blanking plate (not available) used for fine-trimming.
It's not inconceivable that with someone of the right stature using a twinset, they could eliminate the need for a separate weightbelt.

One pair - £5.80

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